Humanitarian assistance by Human rights center of Bila Tserkva

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Patriotic War in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued an emergency appeal to the citizens, announcing the decision to launch a 'special military operation', which de facto became a full-scale war against Ukraine.

Almost 200 thousandth army of Russian invaders broke into Ukraine from the territories of Russia, Belarus, Crimea and so-called "Donetsk people republic" and "Luhansk people republic".

Humanitarian disaster 

Millions of civilians who lost their homes, jobs, and relatives became victims of unjustified armed aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine. At least 2.5 million Ukrainians have been forced to leave and seek temporary protection abroad.

According to official UN information, only in the first 28 days of Russia's military operations in Ukraine, 121 children were killed and more than 167 were injured in various degrees of severity.  The number of civilian casualties in Ukraine from the Russian attack is estimated to be in the thousands.

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Human rights center of Bila Tserkva (HRC of BC)

It was created by the lawyers of the Arbitrium Liberum Attorneys-at-Law Association and members of the Kyiv regional organization VO Svoboda to provide free legal assistance, as well as to protect the rights of residents of the Bila Tserkva district and the city of Bila Tserkva.


During the military aggression by the Russia

HRC of BC focused on solving the humanitarian problems of the Bila Tserkva region, providing the needy residents and internally displaced persons who are temporarily seeking protection in our city, as well as territorial defense with medicines, food and essential goods.

Directions of our activity 

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Provision of medicines

Medicines for children: antipyretic and painkillers, cough medicines, anti-inflammatory, antibiotics. For the elderly: against pressure, heart drugs, sedatives, as well as medicines for patients with diabetes etc.

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Products of children

Diapers and napkins, creams and oils, baby food, clothes.

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Foremost, long-term storage products: canned food, pasta, sugar, flour, cereals, rice. As well as drinking water, tea and coffee, chocolate, confectionery.

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Military equipment

Bulletproof vests and offloads, hard hats, boots, tactical gloves and knee pads.

As well as drones, night vision devices, distance meters, GPS devices, cameras, flashlights, vehicles.

Our warehouse located  at address Torgova ploscha 8 (BRUM markets), Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region

Thanks to our partners:

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